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Currently available translations:

Česky - translated by Zbyněk, OK2PIN
English - translated by Zbyněk, OK2PIN
Български - translated by Georgi, LZ1ZP
Română - translated by Miron, YO3ITI
Polski - translated by Olgierd, SQ3SWF
Pусский - translated by Eugene, RK1AA
Svenska - translated by Jan, SM4HFI
Dansk - translated by Jan, OZ1DKE
Deutsch - translated by Matthias, DM5CT
Netherlands - translated by Kevin, ON5DRE
Belgium / Dutch - translated by Kevin, ON5DRE
Magyar - translated by Feri, HA4BF

Please help to make translation into your language. It is simple!

What to do - just rewrite yellow highlighted text into your language, make sure the editor is set to UTF8

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Translation: Česky
Translated by: Zbyněk, OK2PIN (
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