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Pokud máte jakékoli komentáře, náměty a připomínky k Online EDI Generatoru, budu rád, když se o ně podělíte. V případě problémů nezapoměňte uvézt použitý operační systém a prohlížeč (příklad: Win XP a Firefox 26).

Any comments / proposals are welcome!

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28.5.2019 22:12lz2hq
It's not a good, after you have entered 100 Qso and tries to generate a log, to have red light bar data. Pleas dont lock data to contest calendar!

Zbyněk OK2PIN: Hello, I am not sure what exactly you mean. Please provide details.
11.5.2019 10:52Bohumír Klíma, ok2tke
Pohodový den ,pozdravuji a sděluji ,že se vše zdařilo a výsledky jsem odeslal.
Děkuji za pochopení.
Mirek ok2tke
10.5.2019 16:50Bohumír Klíma, ok2tke
Pohodový den, nějak se nezadařilo vygenerovat výsledky 2 subregionálu 2019. Zkoušel jsem dosti dlouho ,ale nebylo to úspěšné. Nevím,kde jsem udělal chybu. Vypsal jsem pouze 81 spojení. Název na konci je stále txt a nelze vygenerovat (ok2tke 145.edi).
Děkuji za poučení při vyplňování.
28.2.2019 21:11Lasse SM0KAK
Refuses to create EDI file :-(
I use Win7 and Internet Explorer 11

It would be good to be able to create a log for more than one band.

Zbyněk OK2PIN: Hello Lasse, this is client-based system, all calculations are made in your browser. So, it depends on browser setup, addons, etc. The simpliest way is to try another browser like Firefox, Chrome and get a log including 1 QSO generated to see if it works.

Each EDI file is dedicated to one band. For another band, just open the form in new tab/window, select another band and fill in QSOs. The header will be pre-filled to save your time and effort.
11.12.2018 21:56Fredrik SM5XJX

member of (call) Club to adress points to that club for participate.
And maybe a comment section in the EDI?

Zbyněk OK2PIN: Hello Fredrik, version 0.9 supports PClub and Remarks. Enjoy!
6.9.2018 18:04Aleksandr ES1OX
Hello Zbyněk!
Many years (over 20) I used logger programm SM0LCB, it geven good EDI file after filling in. (
But any time ago my computer was died, and my new computer cannot to run the logger.
Reason: The new system is 64 bit, and old was 32 bit.
After that I founded your Generator. It is very simple and good. But. Absolutely good thigns are not. I very often take part in European VHF active tests. But in the test no sent QSO number. And in all score it is use big QTH-loc, when every new QTH-loc give 500 bonus points. So, after that, when I give your EDI file, I must redact it by hand. Can you to complement your Generator, if any user can to choose for his test rules?

Zbyněk OK2PIN: Hello Aleksandr, you can submit "standard" EDI log as confirmed by NAC organizers. No need to edit the log manually. LOC bonuses will be automatically calculated in the final results. See email:

---------- Original e-mail ----------
From: Allan, OZ7Z
To: Zbyněk, OK2PIN
Date: 7. 9. 2018 9:14:37
Subject: Re: EDI log for NAC

Hi Zbyněk

Yes, our robot calculate the bonus.

When you send in your log, then the robot will show your claimed score (without bonus), after the deadline is over, the robot will calculate the score and will show the calculated score including the locator bonus and +- other errors.

73 Allan, oz7z
19.8.2018 13:56YO3CBZ
Buna ziua,
Cum diferentiez etapele la un concurs cu 2 etape? EX: CN UUS

Zbyněk OK2PIN: Hello, there is no direct support of multi-period contests but you can tick Ignore dupes that enables creating logs from such contests.
9.8.2018 23:46Septy, YO5ER
Hi, you can put a checkbox for "Ignore Duplicates" so this will help contests with more periods, when is checked will do what it said. Also you can put a drop down to select default mode "SSB,CW,FM" and if not checked insert another edit box for mode.

It is heavy used in my contest :) look here at remarks page:


Zbyněk OK2PIN: Hello Septy, good ideas! Version 0.7 is supporting:

- Ignore dupes: suitable for multi-period contests
- Modes SSB, CW, FM, Cross (click on SSB/FM swaps these two, the others are determined automatically)
- Ignore time order: suitable for two-day contests starting at other time than 14 UTC
7.6.2018 19:46Georgi , LZ2OQ
5.6.2018 12:38ok3rm/ok1opt
s tinmhle generátorem to funguje skvěle, na těch pár MW spojení je to ideální řešení a nemusim instalovat deník, tahat sebou notes, stačí to jen doma přepsat z papíru a je hotovo, díky moc za tuhle utilitu
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